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UAB „Imlūs sprendimai“ means responsible accounting. We are a team of professionals having experience of more than 15 years, which is always ready take care of all formalities seeking to ensure prosperity of your business.

We take care of accounting, produce reports, invoices and other documents, we render consultations on various financial issues. In addition, we offer flexible packages of services fully meeting the needs of our clients. UAB „Imlūs sprendimai“ are always ready to take over all your worries related to accounting and to contribute to the successfulness and expansion of your business.

We are experts of accounting who render high-quality services to legal and natural persons engaged in various activities. Our main goal is to provide optimal solutions to our clients, to render high-quality and timely services, to maintain close relationships with our clients and to constantly inform about the actual situation.

Principles of our activities are as follows:

  • responsibility (we always fulfil the obligations undertaken due time in a thorough and responsible manner; we thoroughly control all the processes entrusted to us);
  • professionalism (we always seek for the highest quality, that’s why we do our best to ensure highly professional accounting – this is indeed a part of the image of your company);
  • flexibility (we speak three languages: Lithuanian, Russian and English);
  • experience (we apply the knowledge and experience acquired within many years and the best methods available);
  • recognition (UAB „Imlūs sprendimai“ is a member of the Association of Accountants and Auditors);
  • effectiveness (we perform the operations entrusted to us using the accounting software „Finvalda“, however, if it is required, we may perform operations using other applications preferred by our clients);
  • safety (all our employees have professional indemnity insurance.
We have experience of
15 years
in the field of accounting


Consultations We not only conduct corporate accounting, but also render consultations on all issues related to accounting
Experience We have experience of more than 15 years in the field of corporate accounting.
Safety We constantly maintain relations with our clients and guarantee confidentiality of the documents furnished by our clients
Qualification Your accounting will always be correct, because we are constantly developing our knowledge and we improve our qualification by attending various trainings and seminars
Adaptation We always pay great attention to accounting software updates and upgrades, and improvement of our qualification, as well, seeking to guarantee safe and fast rendering of accounting services and to adapt to individual needs of your business.
Reliability You can be assured of fines and penalties, assume responsibility for the timely data
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Telephone + 370 618 49 635
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